The Investors of Bonarka 4 Business include TriGranit Development Corporation - the developer company with 17-year experience, holding 80 % of shares and IPR holding 20 % of shares. The Company runs fully integrated regional investments in the real estate sector and in spite of the disturbances in the financial and economic markets over the recent years, it has been very successful.

 During the last four years TriGranit managed to acquire over 650 million Euro, also as a result of re-financing, to deliver approximately 85,000 m² projects which have already been completed or are under implementation. The TriGranit Company operates in nine countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It is currently preparing investments of various functions, of the total value exceeding EUR 4 billion, accordingly, it is one of the biggest developer companies in Europe, with the strong position in the developing real estate markets.

The significant achievements, particularly important in the era of the recent downturn, and the ambitious plans for the future, strengthened the position of the company which is still one of the leading European developers. The Polish investments of TriGranit include projects from various regional cities, among others, Bonarka for Business (Kraków) and Poznań City Center - Central Railway Station, connected with the shopping centre (Poznań).



IPR is a group of developer enterprises operating on the territory of Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Germany and Cyprus, specialising in the transformation of brownfields into the new generation real estate of . The Group reached its high technical competence in the scope of elimination of contaminants and adaptation of the areas through employment of renowned European specialists in the field of environmental engineering, mining and protection against noise in order to reach ecological parameters in accordance with the 21st century trends.