B4B- Bonarka 4 Business PROJECT  is the next stage of the comprehensive revitalisation of the area of the former "Bonarka" Inorganic Industry Plant in Kraków.

"Bonarka" Chemical Plant  (former "Bonarka" Inorganic Industry Plant in Kraków and the "Bonarka" Factory of Superthomasine) – the first plant in Poland which started the production of the artificial fertiliser  superthomasine after 1945. The factory operated in 1946-2002 and it was located in Kraków at 9, Puszkarska street, on the area of the current  Podgórze Duchackie 11th district .


 The B4B project is divided into two stages:



One of the essential aspects of the project was to change the negative connotations of the Bonarka name in the local awareness - from the associations with the degraded industrial area - to the vision of the ecologically-friendly and attractive area. This goal was achieved using all the existing natural attractions, such as parks, ponds, vicinity of open space, beautiful view to the south with green hills in the foreground, as well as through the functional and spatial integration with a shopping centre.

Within the construction of the B4B office complex, Arcoffice Poland Sp.  z o.o.- the General Contractor, conducts the construction process in compliance with the highest requirements - both in architectural and construction terms, as well as from the point of view of safety and environmental protection.

The first stage of the project comprised the buildings (A, B, C, D) constructed in 2011 - 2013.

The buildings are equipped with the following installations:

  • water supply
  • sewage system
  • rainwater drainage system
  • district heating
  • air conditioning installation (two- and three-pipe VRF systems)
  • mechanical ventilation
  • sprinkler  and hydrant installation
  • electrical installation
  • low current installations:
    • Fire signal system
    • GEMOS System
    • closed circuit television
    • Access control
    • System for burglary and assault signalling
    • IT structural network
    • Audio video installation
    • RTV installation (satellite)

The buildings have a BMS (Building Management System) room for full control of all installations listed above.


Buildings of the second stage (E, F, G) are scheduled for 2015 – 2018, with Arcoffice Poland Sp. z o.o. to act as the  General Contractor. This complex, called Bonarka Office complex  represents the second stage of the comprehensive revitalisation of the area of the former "Bonarka" Inorganic Industry Plant in Kraków.

As a target, Bonarka for Business (B4B) will make a complex of seven office buildings of A class of the total area amounting to approximately 65,000 m² within the carefully planned urban development arrangement.

 The new buildings have been additionally equipped with the DSO (sound warning system), and the full 3-pipe sewage system. The buildings have additional staircases.


The complex of office buildings was designed along the avenue which provides direct access to offices to visitors and clients. The old post-industrial chimney, properly illuminated, makes a visual landmark of the centre. The element integrating individual development complexes is the square designed as an extension of the main entrance to the shopping centre. This square refers to the functions and nature of the traditional town marketplace, the site of various attractions: bazaars, fairs, concerts and shows.


The architectural concept of consecutive buildings, namely, E,F,G, was developed by the studio of Kraków Development Office together with the IMB Asymetria workshop. The new buildings of the 2nd stage are the candidates to the ecological BREEAM certificate at a VERY GOOD level.